Why Alopex Is the Way of The Future for Caravans

Aluminum as a material is versatile. It has unique properties which make it a favorable element to work with, especially in construction. Unlike timber materials, aluminum frames are not vulnerable to rot, which makes them more desirable to use in caravans that are occasionally exposed to wet weather conditions. NEWGEN Caravan’s invested a substantial amount of resources in researching, developing, and implementing Alopex into the internal and external design for a streamlined structure. Alopex offers durable body panels and the outside layers contain a fiberglass sheet cover for a robust combination of aluminum extrusions and dense XPS insulation foam. Alopex maintains a superior density of 40mm XPS foam floor’s with 32mm XPS foam walls. Using Alopex in constructing a caravan provides unrivaled strength-to-weight ratios with an unbeatable thermal and acoustic level of insulation. To top it off, the material offers maximum hail resistance and protection levels. Alopex is the core foundation for the integral aluminum frame in NEWGEN Caravans that utilize vacuum-bonded panels with a fully welded built-in frame. The structure reduces the risk of distortion. As a point of difference, a one-piece outer fiberglass composite skin radiates the final touches of a seamless construction technique. Taking each aspect of the overwhelming value and benefit of building each caravan with Alopex, the finished vehicle is intensely ridged, improving quality assurance and reassuring a consistent product. Alopex is simply the seal of strength for NEWGEN, the age of caravans built to last.