NEWGEN Caravans Model Guide

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Caravans For A New Generation

NEWGEN caravans provide a seamless combination of practicality, affordability, and durability, making them an ideal choice for an adventurous holiday in Australia. 
These caravans come with fully equipped kitchens and high-quality furnishings and fixtures, allowing you to experience the comfort of your home while on the road.

Why Choose NEWGEN?

Best Manufacturing

NEWGEN Caravans incorporate advanced manufacturing technologies and have been designed and engineered in collaboration with leading experts to provide a caravan that surpasses current standards in technology and affordability.


Newgen Caravans proudly backs its product with a 5 Year structural and 2 Year manufacturer guarantee for peace of mind. Newgen Caravans has the best after-sales team in the business, linked to a nationwide approved repairer network.

Support Team

Newgen Caravans has a continuously expanding network of dealers and repairers to assist you in your travels after buying your luxurious caravan.

Built to Last

The 2022 range of NEWGEN caravans meets and exceeds Australian design and manufacturing standards

Floor Sandwich Panel Construction

The caravans are built with a lightweight yet durable floor and body sandwich panels, with a panel thickness of 42mm and fully welded aluminium frames. The exterior consists of 3mm fiberglass skin, 30mm thick XPS high-density foam, and 3mm fiberglass chequer plate to protect against road debris. The floor is designed for strength and rigidity, supporting the walls and internal structures, ensuring a long-lasting lifespan.

Chassis Construction

Newgen Caravans manufacture each chassis in-house with strict quality control procedures to ensure high-standard welds. Duragal rectangular hollow sections are used to construct the chassis, providing a lightweight and strong solution, which, when combined with sandwich panel floors, offers rigidity. After manufacturing, all Newgen chassis are painted with organic zinc-rich silver metallic.

Walls and Roof Sandwich Panel Construction

The external structure of NEWGEN caravans comprises walls and roofs that are lightweight, fully insulated, and visually appealing. To ensure no gaps for potential water ingress, the walls and roof are constructed using single piece 32mm thick sandwich panels. The structure is reinforced with an aluminum frame, and the internal layer has a 3mm thick fiberglass skin that offers a bright interior that is easy to clean. The next layer is 25mm thick XPS high-density foam, and the external layer is another 3mm fiberglass that provides a smooth, easily washable exterior with added protection against hail.

Independent Suspension Systems

Newgen Caravans come equipped with Australian Engineered Independent Suspension (IRS) as standard equipment. This suspension system has been extensively tested and proven to perform well in a range of challenging Australian conditions, from rough dirt tracks to smooth highways. The off-road suspension features independent trailing arms and Pedder's shock absorber components, which are designed to withstand harsh conditions. The TrakRyder 4x4 heavy-duty shock absorbers and springs are fitted to improve the handling and ride characteristics of the Newgen off-road caravans.


Newgen caravans feature cabinets and furniture made from top-quality solid plywood. Each panel and cupboard door is glued and screwed together and laminated with acrylic material, available in a variety of colors and styles. The doors have rounded edges, providing a classy feel and soft closing gas struts along with heavy-duty handles and latches add to the overall durability and functionality.


The electrical system in any RV is essential for powering appliances and ensuring safety while on holiday. Newgen Caravans prioritize safety by safeguarding against overloads in both the 12V and 240V systems. To ensure reliability, Projecta Battery Management is fitted systems to all vehicles, including a fuse box, solar controller, battery charger, water pump switch, hot water cut-off switch and primary load. The electrical system is conveniently grouped together in a single overhead cupboard for easy access. Before dispatch, all our vehicles undergo rigorous inspection by qualified electricians and are provided with an electrical certificate for your peace of mind.

Standard Safety Inclusions

Newgen caravans understand that safety is a top priority for customers who consider their RV as their home away from home. To meet this expectation, all Newgen vehicles come equipped with essential safety features such as a fire extinguisher, smoke alarm, and critical equipment shut-off switches as standard equipment. Weight distribution is an important factor in towing performance, and Newgen ensures that their vehicles are designed to perform optimally in a wide range of road conditions. In case of an emergency where the caravan detaches from the tow vehicle, an emergency breakaway system is fitted to apply the caravan brakes and bring it to a halt. For customers who want an additional layer of safety, Newgen offers Electronic Stability Control (ESC) as an optional accessory, which enhances towing stability and road handling.

R & D

Newgen manufactures all of their components in-house to maintain quality and consistency, and has strict manufacturing controls in place. They have an in-house design and research center that uses 3D modeling and finite element analysis to ensure their vehicles can withstand real-world forces. Newgen's R&D team continuously researches and tests new manufacturing methods and products to offer the best possible package.

Aloplex Construction

Newgen caravans are built using Aloplex, which is an aluminium frame that promotes durability and prevents distortion. This construction method gives the caravans a streamlined structure with strong panels. The high-density XPS foam provides insulation and hail protection for severe weather conditions in Australia. This material and design ensure that each van has high-quality assurance and consistency.

Find the Perfect NEWGEN Van For You

Embark on your off-road adventure with the NEWGEN NG17 caravan, designed to offer luxury in a compact size. With a full off-road capability, this 17ft caravan comes equipped with a comfortable queen bed, ensuite bathroom, and café dinette, all while maintaining its sleek and stylish design. Get ready to explore the great outdoors in comfort and safety with the NG17.

Discover the perfect combination of adventure and comfort with the NEWGEN NG18 caravan. This well-designed and compact caravan boasts a popular layout, complete with a stylish cafe-style dinette, comfortable queen bed, functional kitchen, and ample storage space. Experience the freedom of the open road without sacrificing the comforts of home.

Looking for an affordable yet off-road caravan for your family’s next adventure? Look no further than the NEWGEN NG18F! With the option to choose between 2 or 3 bunks to accommodate your needs, this caravan offers a safe and reliable way to explore Australia’s rugged terrain. And with its full off-road capability, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to tackle any challenges along the way.

Experience the ultimate journey with the NEWGEN NG19R caravan, designed for style and comfort on the road. With a contemporary full off-road design, this caravan offers luxurious features such as a cosy café-style dinette, a spacious queen-sized bed, and an ensuite bathroom. Get ready to hit the road in style and comfort with the NG19R.

Experience the ultimate luxury in travel with the NEWGEN NG19S SLIDEOUT caravan. Its modern and sleek design boasts a full ensuite, large pull-out pantry, and ample storage, making it a practical and comfortable choice for extended trips. Relax in the Club Seating area and unwind after a day of exploring, or prepare a delicious meal in the fully equipped kitchen. This caravan is the perfect combination of style and functionality for the modern-day adventurer.

Embark on your most comfortable and convenient adventure yet with the NG20 caravan – the perfect choice for avid travellers seeking an upgrade in their holiday experience. Featuring a practical layout and a range of top-of-the-line amenities such as an island queen bed, fully-equipped kitchen, and comfortable café-style seating, this stylish caravan has everything you need to hit the open road and make unforgettable memories.

The NEWGEN NG20SR slide-out caravan is the epitome of style and functionality, both inside and out. Boasting a rear door entry for added privacy and convenience, this sleek caravan features a full ensuite, ample storage including a large pull-out pantry, and luxurious Club Seating that will make you feel right at home on the road. Whether you’re embarking on a long-term journey or a short weekend getaway, the NG20SR slide-out has everything you need for a comfortable and convenient holiday.

Looking for a family-friendly caravan? Look no further than the NEWGEN NG21F 2-bunk caravan. This spacious caravan offers two or three bunks, making it perfect for families with children. Not only is it designed for comfort and convenience on the road, but it is also built with safety in mind, so you can have peace of mind while towing.

Experience comfortable and stylish family travel with the NEWGEN NG21F 3-bunk caravan. With spacious double or triple bunk options and an ensuite, this caravan offers a comfortable off-road journey for your loved ones. Rest assured with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that NEWGEN caravans are built tough and designed for safety, so you can explore the best of Australia together with your family.

The NEWGEN NG23 is the perfect addition to your caravanning adventures, offering a spacious and comfortable club lounge that allows you and your companions to relax and enjoy your travels. The luxurious seating arrangement provides ample room to move around the caravan, making it an ideal choice for larger groups or families. Additionally, the full separate centre ensuite ensures that you have all the necessary amenities to make your journey comfortable and convenient.

Price Your Van allows caravaners to select a model and customise the fitout, design, external, chassis, appliances, electrical, plumbing and internal features to create their dream caravan. 

1. Select Model

2. Select Colours

3. Select Manufacturer Options

  • Seating Options
    •  The seating options include trifold, L-shape, Club or Bench seating.
  • Design Modification Options
    • Design Modifications allows caravaners to make changes to the layout and internal features including adding and removing  options.
  • Chassis Options
    •  If you have certain chassis requirements or preferences you can add those options within this feature. With this feature caravaners can upgrade, add bumpers, shocks, upgrade suspension, airbags, tyres, water tank and more. 
  •  External Options
    •  External options allows caravaners to add a wide range of comfort and convenience options to the exterior van. 
  • Colour Upholstery Options
    •  Add leather, fabric options throughout the van.
  • Appliance Options
    •  Select from a bunch upgrades for the grill, fridge, washing machine, microwave, stereo, A/C, TV and much more. 
  • Electrical Options
    •  Select from a range electrical add-ons and upgrades such as gas detection, Inverter, switches, lights, solar panels, batteries and much more.
  • Plumbing Options
    •  Make changes to your bathroom features to suit your preferences. 
  • Internal Options
    •  Internal Options allows caravaners to add amenities to improve your caravanning experience.

4. Save, Share and Make an Offer

  • Save your Caravan so you can come back and make changes.
  • Share with your partner and family to get more ideas for your van.
  • Make an Offer and get the perfect caravan for you and your family.

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